Railway Museums in Kanto

The Railway Museum

Overall introduction of Japanese railroads.
(Tetudo Hakubutukan)

Settings for the original station scenes are reproduced by age.
The Railway Museum is the biggest and oldest Railroad Museum in Japan. It was opened in 1921 in Tokyo's downtown. But the museam stopped its operation on May 14 2006 because the building became too old. The new museum was reopened on 14 Oct, 2007, in Saitama city.

Sizes : L
Location : Saitama city
Exhibit engines : 150, 1290, 7100, 9850, C515, C57135, DD131, ED171, ED4010, ED75775, EF5889, EF6611, HaNiFu1, NaDe6141, KuMoHa40074, KuMoHa101-902, KuHa181-45, KuMoHa455-1, KuHa481-26, MoHa484-61, KiHa41307, KiHa11-25, Kaitakushi, OHa3126, MaITe39-11, NaHaNeFu22-1, Imperial cars, Shinkansen cars etc.
Official website : Railway Museum (Japanese)
Railway Museum (English pdf)
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The Railway Museum in Saitama
Preserved Locomotives and Railcars

Original Shinbashi Station

Restored original Shinbashi station building.
(Kyu Shibashi Eki)

Japan's oldest station is located in Shinbashi, it opened in 1872. The main station house and platform have been restored to their original condition and are on the original site.
Right photo was the digging on the original Shinbashi station site, during Jun 1997.

Sizes : S
Location : Shinbashi Tokyo
Primary Exhibit : History of Shinbashi station etc
Official website : JR-East Railway Culture Foundation (English)
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Subway Museum (Tikatetu Hakubutukan)

First Tokyo subway car, No.1001 made in 1927.
Sizes : M
Location : Kasai, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Primary exhibits : Biggest subway Museum in Japan. Introduces Tokyo subway's history and culture, preserved subway cars.
Official website : Subway Museum (English)
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level :

Tobu Museum (Tobu Hakubutukan)

Tobu No.5
manufactured Bayer Peacock UK 1898.

Tobu's first electric car DeHa-1 No.5

Sizes : M-N
Location : Higashi Mukojima, Sumida word Tokyo.
Primary exhibits : 1898 Bayer Peacock Class B1 4-4-0, Old Tobu bus etc
Official website : Tobu Museum (Japanese)
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Ome Railway Park

Preserved historical steam engines.
(Ome Tetudo koen)

Left, Japanese oldest engine Class 110 (ex-No.10)
Center, Class 2120 No.2221
and Class 8620 No.8620 in the rear.

Class ED16 No.1.
It was the first Japanese domestic
mass-produced electric locomotive.

The Ome Railway Park was opened in 1962 on the 90th anniversary of Japanese railways.
Sizes : L-M
Location : Ome city Tokyo
Exhibit engines : E10, 5500, 8620 2120 C111,9608, D51452, ED161, Shinkansen, Kumoha 40.
Official website : JR-East Railway Culture Foundation (English)
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Maglev Exhibition Center

(Yamanashi kenritsu riniya kengaku senta)

The visitor can observe real run.

A prototype.

Introducing Magnetic levitation propulsion in regard to future railways.
Sizes : S-M
Location : Turu city Yamanashi.
Exhibit engines : Actual Linear-Shinkansen 500kms/h running scene.
Official website : Yamanashi Prefecture
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Usui Village's Railroad Culture

Primary introduction of assisted locomotives,
Visitors can experience driving a real locomotive.
(Usui Toge Tetudo Bunka Mura)

This railroad park opened in Yokokawa's depot site. This railway, a Rack railway (a railway with a geared third appendage for steep grades) was run between Yokokawa and Karuizawa and as such represents a very unique service. The Rack Track system was closed 1963, and the line was suspended when Nagano Shinkansen opened on September 30 1997. This museum was opened to be a memorial for this Rack Track service.

Photo, Yokogawa station and depot, During active service time, class 4-4-4 EF63 electric loco, two pusher EF63 were added at Yokokawa and boosted the freight train for Usui pass ... taken Nov 1973.

Sizes : L
Location : Yokokawa, Gunma.
Exhibit engines : Rack-rail electric loco ED42, Restored electric EF63, assistance type electric EF591, Steam Engines - D5196, Diesel Engines - DD511, DD531, Electric Engines - EF15165, EF3020, EF532, EF58172, EF65520, EF60501, EF621, EF701001, EF8063 etc .......
Official website : Usui Museum (Japanese)
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Other Kanto's Railway Museums

Sizes Museum Name Official name in Japanese Location Primary exhibits Official site
M-S Cichibu Railway Train Park
Chichibu Tetudo Syaryo Koen Chichibu city, Saitama Preserved old Chichibu private railway's loco and cars. Chichibu Railway (English)
L-M-N The Museum of Train and Bus
Densya to Basu no Hakubutukan Miyazaki, Miyamae-ku Kawasaki city Introduces Tokyu private railway. Tokyu Corporation
M Yokohama Streetcar Museum
Yokohama Shiden Hozonkan Isogo-ku, Yokohama city Introduces history of Yokohama street car. Preserved old Yokohama street cars. Yokohama Transpotation Bureau
S Hosyo Gakuen Railroad Museum Hosyo Gakuen Tetudo Shiryokan Ikebykuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Old Seibu No.3 steam
S Hikari Plaza
Shinkansen Museum
Hikari Puraza Shinkansen Shiryokan Kokubunji city, Tokyo Preserved Shinkansen 951-1, Introduction of Shinkansen Kokubunji city

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