D52 468
Static Exhibit
1945 - 1971
D52_468 was manufactured at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co. during Feb 1946 as serial number 502. D52_468 was chosen for the reason, that D52's No.468 was the last number in class D52.
But in reality, there was not a total of 468 engines made.
The original plan called for a total of 498 engines to be manufactured. But WW2 ended midway of the manufacturing process. Therefore a total of 285 engines were produced up to the wars end in 1945. When manufacturing stopped number 468 was the last number.

After its appearance, the D52_468 went into the Tokaido main line, and later moved to Hokkaido during 1961. Since then, D52_468 was used on the Hakodate and Muroran lines, Goryokaku depot between Hakodate and Muroran (Washibetsu), until moving to Umekoji Museum. During November 1971, it was billed as the " Onuma Special Event " train. It was the last passenger service rendered by D52_468 ....

After it's arrival at Umekoji, D52_468 was placed on inactive preservation status during it's beginning, but was later dropped as a working condition engine on 28 March 1979 on paper.

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Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Feb 1946 Mitsubishi Jyuko Manufacture
May 1946 Numazu Deployment
Sep 1949 Suita Transferred
Nov 1956 Himeji Transferred
Oct 1960 Goryokaku Transferred
Sep 1972 Goryokaku Retired
27 Sep 1972 Umekoji Transferred
28 Mar 1979 JNR, Umekoji Deregistered
Oct 1972 - Umekoji Museum Exhibit

Onuma, Hakodate line during 1971.


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