C11 64
1935 - 1972
C11-64 was manufactured at Kawasaki Rolling Stock Manufacturing Co., it has the manufactured number of 1532 during 1935, and was active mainly on Tohoku's local lines after WW2.
She belonged to the Aizu-Wakamatsu depot after 1954, and was active on the Aizu, Tadami and Nitchu lines.

This C11-64 was chosen for the reason that it was in the best confition of the early C11's.
I received boarding permission by good fortune, on this C11-64 during her active time.
These photos were taken at that time.

After moveing to Umekoji, C11-64 was dropped from it's restored engine status on 28 March 1987.
Now it is only in exhibitinon condition at Umekoji.

Consult please Class C11

Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Mar 1935 Kawasaki Rollingstock Manufacture
Mar 1935 Nara
Oct 1938 Minatomachi Transferred
Feb 1939 Takigawa Transferred
Mar 1939 Fukagawa Transferred
Nov 1939 Nottkeushi Transferred
May 1940 Fukagawa Transferred
Date Depot Application
Oct 1940 Muroran
Sep 1943 Hakodate Transferred
Oct 1944 Miyako Transferred
Jun 1948 Sendai Transferred
Oct 1954 Aizu Wakamatu Transferred
30 May 1986 JNR, Umekoji Deregistered
1986 - Umekoji Museum Exhibit

Aizu-Wakamatu station

This photo from
an Aizu line's passenger car.

C11-64's Cab, during active time.

Loading coal on a C11-64


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