Steam locomotive

Class C10

1930 - 1961

A middle-sized Tank-Engine for branch line or commuter type engine operation.

C10's last No.23
Yonezawa yard, Jul 1959.
(Photo credit to S.Sumino)

The Ministry of Railways planned a new type tank engine, after an interval of 21 years in 1930. It appeared as the class C10.
The primary reason for the newly designed C10 was for the replacement of the old 19th century models, and the secondary reason was the increased use as demanded in the larger cities commuter service. Actually, the C10 was the first modern tank engine designed and built, as a complete Japanese endeavor.
The C10 was manufactured for only one year during 1930, with a total number of 23 engines.

The first C10 was manufactured at the Kawasaki Sharyo Co.it's manufactured number was 1356. but she was retired in July 1960 and scrapped.
After coming on the scene, the C10 went into rapid commuter-service in such large cities as, Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. After the end of WW2, C10 was turned over to Fukuchiyama, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Hachioji, Ryuge(Osaka) and Mino-Ota local depots, and was active in yard work. A few C10s saw local train service much like that of Aizu and Itsukaichi lines.

All 23 engines were still active during Apr 1959 as follows :

2 in the Higashi-Noshiro depot, No.5 and 17,
1 in the Nagamachi depot, No.20,
1 in the Yonezawa depot, No.23
8 in the Aizu-Wakamatsu depot, No.2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 21 and 22
2 in the Musashi-Itsukaichi depot, No.6 and 7
1 in the Tajimi depot, No.18
1 in the Mino-Ota depot, No.19
2 in the Ryuge depot, No.13 and 14
4 in the Fukuchiyama depot, No.1, 9, 15 and 16
1 in the Nishi-Maizuru depot, No.12

However, all engines were retired during the period of 1960-1962 in a mere 3 years.
The last surviving three C10s were Higashi-Noshiro's No.5 and Yonezawa's No.17 and 23, (No.17 was transferred from Higashi-Noshiro to Yonezawa during 1961), and their last firing was during July 1962.
All C10s were scrapped after retirement except No.8. Only C10_8 has been active as a restored steam engine on the Oigawa Railway.

Primary ran line in last 10 years Fukuchiyama, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Higashi-Noshiro, Hachioji, Higashi-Maizuru, Ryuge, Yonezawa, Nagamachi, and Mino-Ota depot.
Last line/depot and year Aizu-Wakamatu, Higashi-Noshiro, Nagamachi depot 1962
Restored engine (2017) 1 (No.8)
Preserved engine (2017) none

C10_10 Aizu-Wakamatsu depot.
Mar 1960.
(Photo credit to S.Sumino)

C10_11 Aizu-Wakamatu station.
Mar 1960.
(Photo credit to S.Sumino)

Configuration 2-6-4 Dimensions Length (mm) 12650
Engine Weight (Operating tons) 69.7 Driver size (mm diameter) 1520
Boiler pressure (Kg/cm2) 15.0 Max Tractive effort (tons) 9.5
Driver Max Power (PS) 610 Max Speed (km/h) 85
Manufactured years 1930 Total production 23
Gauge 3ft 6in (1067mm)


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