D51 498

East Japan Railway Company
1940 - 1972 Restored : Nov 1988
D51_498 was manufactured at the Ministry of Railways Takatori works serial No. 26, during November 1940.
After its inception, D51_498 was deployed to Okayama, Suita, Taira ..... and transferred to the Nagaoka depot during October 1963. Later, she worked at Nagaoka, Niigata area's Uetsu, Shinetsu and Hokuriku lines .....
During March 1972, D51_498 was transferred to Sakamachi depot, and was retired from regular service when Uetsu line electrification took place on the 5th of August 1972.
A special steam event train was planned by JNR for the ceremony of its 100 year anniversary of that Railway during October 1972. D51_498 was transferred to the Takasaki depot, and pulled that event train on the Hachiko line.

Afterward, she was crossed off her registration on the 1st of December 1972. She was transferred to Tsukiyono town, Gunma prefecture (currently Minakami town), and D51_498 was preserved in front of Gokan station on the Jyoetsu line.

During October 1987, JR-East decided on a restored steam train. JR-East looked for an engine in good condition, and decided to restore D51_498. D51_498 entered the Omiya works and restoration was completed on the 25th of November 1988. And her restored steam train service was started on the 23rd of December 1988.

During December 2008, she badly damaged her boiler, as indicated in the following news report. After her ten months of repair, D51_498 went back to regular service from October 2009.

Left Photo ; D51_498 her active service time during 1972.
Right Photo ; Sakamachi depot during Nov 1970. In the photo, left D51_1005 and right D51_498.

After Uetsu line electrification, surviving D51s at the Sakamachi depot, numbered six engines, No. 421, 498, 547, 1005, 1100 and 1154. In Uetsu line's D51s, additionally, 28 engines were deployed to the Sakata depot, 24 were at the Niitsu depot, during 1972. They were almost all scrapped during Uetsu line's electrification.

Biographic Data Chart

Date Location Application
Nov 1940 Takatori works Manufacture
Nov 1940 Okayama Deployment
Aug 1951 Suita Transferred
Dec 1953 Taira Transferred
Oct 1963 Nagaoka Transferred
Mar 1966 Niitsu Transferred
Date Location Application
Mar 1972 Sakamachi Transferred
Sep 1972 Sakata Transferred
Oct 1972 Takasaki On lend
01 Dec 1972 JNR, Sakamachi Deregistered
Dec 1972 Gokan station Preserved
20 Dec 1988 JR-East Takasaki Restored

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