C61 20

East Japan Railway Company
1949 - 1973 Restored : April 2011

C61_20 Tsugaru-Yunosawa on the Ou line
during Feb 1970

C61_20 was remodeled from Class D51 No.1094 at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co. it's manufactured number was 659 on the 31st of July 1949, and was deployed to Aomori depot.
The next year during January 1950, she was moved to the Sendai depot and was active on the Tohoku and Jyoban line. Later, during December 1966, she was transferred to Aomori depot, and worked between Morioka and Aomori on the Tohoku line, and between Akita and Aomori on the Ou line, up to the Ou line's electrification during August 1971.
After Ou line was electrified, C61_20 was transferred to the Miyazaki depot with her five mated engines (C61 No.2, 18, 19, 24 and 28), and worked between Miyazaki and Nobeoka on the Nippo passenger line also with freight trains. Their final service was during the fall season of 1973. (irregular service continued until 1974 by C61_18).

Afterward, C61_20 was crossed off her registration on the 18th of November 1973.
Later C61_20 was safekept at the Izumi depot, and was transferred to Isesaki station, Gunma prefecture during December 1973. During January 1974, she was carried by trucks into the Kezoji park in Isesaki city. C61_20 was madeup and was opened to the public during March 1974.

During 2009, JR-East looked for an engine in good condition as a 3rd restored steam engine for JR-East, and decided to restore C61_20 during December 2009.
On the 17th of January 2010, C61_20 engine's boiler, travel unit and cab were disassembled, and transported to the Omiya General Rolling Stock Center. Her restoration work was begun from the 20th of January 2010.
On the 27th of January 2011, C61_20 restoration work was almost completed and 'First fire in the engine' ceremony was held at the Omiya Rolling Stock Center. About 50 JR East staff attended the ceremony and they prayed for safe service. For your information, her restoration cost needed about 300 million yen. (3.3 million USD).
She came back to regular service from the 12th of Jun 2011.

Here is the C61_20 restoration official announcement from JR-East. (Japanese PDF)

During the Kezoji days, C6120's preservation state was very good.
Kezoji park in Isesaki city during Aug 2009.

Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Jul 1949 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co. Remodeling
Aug 1949 Aomori Deployment
Jan 1950 Sendai Transferred
Dec 1966 Aomori Transferred
Sep 1971 Miyazaki
Date Depot Application
18 Nov 1973 JNR, Miyazaki Deregistered
21 Dec 1973 Isesaki city Transferred
Mar 1974 Isesaki city Preserved
19 Jan 2010 Omiya works Restoration
30 Mar 2011 Takasaki Restored

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