C58 363

Chichibu Railway Company
1944 - 1972 Restored : Feb 1988
C58_363 was manufactured at the Kawasaki Sharyo Co., serial No. 2941, on the 19th of February 1944, and was deployed to the Kamaishi depot.
She worked mainly on Sendai area's Rikuu-West, Rikuu-East, Banetsu-West line .... etc. Finally, she was moved to the Shinjyo depot during August 1966, and was retired during October 1972. Later her registration was crossed off on the 1st of December 1972. After retirement, C58_363 was preserved at the Fukiage elementary school in Fukiage town (currently Konosu city) Saitama prefecture during May 1973.

During 1988, when Saitama prefecture decided to hold the Saitama Festival, a steam train service was planned. As a result, C58_363 was restored, and the completed restoration was on the 6th of February 1988. However, in the end, the steam train did not run in the festival, and C58_363 was transferred to Chichibu city. And later, C58_363 was transferred to the Chichibu Railway Co. and regular service was started by the Chichibu Railway, during March 1988.

Photo ;
C58_363s East-Rikuu line mate C58_365.

She was deployed at Kogota depot.
During 1972, Shinjyo depot's last surviving C58s were these seven (No. 187, 206, 275, 282, 363, 401 and 402).

Biographic Data Chart

Date Location Application
Feb 1944 Kawasaki Syaryo Manufacture
Apr 1944 Kamaishi Deployment
Sep 1947 Sendai Transferred
Oct 1965 Kogota Transferred
Feb 1966 Koriyama Transferred
Date Location Application
Aug 1966 Shinjyo Transferred
01 Dec 1972 JNR, Shinjyo Deregistered
May 1973 Fukiage city Preserved
Feb 1988 Chichibu Railway Restored

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