C58 239

East Japan Railway Company
1940 - 1972 Restored : Apr 2014
C58_239 was manufactured at the Kawasaki-Jyuko, Hyogo works, serial No.2321, during June 1940. First deployment was to Nagoya area.
During August 1945, she moved to Miyako depot, and was active on the Yamada and Kamaishi line. On the 30th November 1969, Yamada line steam operation was closed as dieselized. C58_239 pulled a "Good-Bye Steam" train between Miyako and Kamaishi at the 28th of February 1970. After that time, she was moved to the Morioka depot for safekeeping. But during 1972, she was moved to the Hachinohe depot and saw service on the Hachinohe line until early 1972. C58_239 was finally retired during (March?) 1972 and was deregistered on the 22nd May 1972 from JNR.
Later, C58_239 was preserved at the "Iwate Kenei Kotsu Koen (Iwate Prefectural Transportation Park)" in the Morioka city.

During October 2012, JR-East announced C58_239 restoration as 4th restored steam engine. On the December 2012, C58_239 engine's boiler, travel unit and cab were separated, and transported to the Omiya General Rolling Stock Center. Her restoration work was begun from the 10th of December 2012. The boiler was repaired in Osaka from March to September 2013.
On the 12th of December 2013, C58_239 restoration work was completed and 'First fire in the engine' ceremony was held at the Omiya Rolling Stock Center.

The future plan, she will make a test run on the Jyoetsu line during January 2014, and will move to Morioka depot after February 2014. If everything is OK, C58_239 will be back on regular service from April 2014.
According to JR-East, C58_239 steam train will operate around 80 days in a year, between Hanamaki and Kamaishi on the Kamaishi line. The nickname is going to become the "SL Ginga (Milky Way)"

Photo ;
C58_239s Hachinohe depot's mate engine C58 296. Hachinohe depot during 1972.

During Hachinohe line dieselization, 11 C58s (No.103, 195, 203, 239, 241, 244, 278, 296, 342, 356 and 393) survived at the Hachinohe depot.

Biographic Data Chart

Date Location Application
Jun 1940 Kawasaki Jyuko Manufacture
Jun 1940 Nagoya Deployment
Aug 1945 Miyako Transferred
1971 Morioka Transferred
1972? Hachinohe Transferred
Date Location Application
22 May 1972 JNR, Hachinohe
01 May 1973 Morioka city Preserved
Apr 2014
Morioka Restored

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