C56 44

Oigawa Railway Company
1936 - 1945
(Thailand Railway : 1945-1976)
Restored : 1980
C56_44 was manufactured at the Mitsubishi-Jyuko Co. Kobe-Zosenjo workshop, serial No. 179, on the 6th of March 1936, and she was deployed to the Naebo depot in Sapporo city, Hokkaido.
During September 1941, she was transferred to the war front in Thailand with narrow gauge. C56_44 was reassembled at Bangkok Thailand during 1942. She was the first assembled C56 in Thailand.

Thaimen Railway opening first train
with C56_31.
After reassembly at Bangkok, C56_44 worked on the Malay line, and was later used for Thaimen line construction.
During June 1979, of Thailand's C56s, two engines were returned to Japan. They were C56 No.31 (Thailand Railway No.725) and No.44 (Thailand Railway No.735) C56_31 pulled the Thaimen Railway's opening ceremony's first train.
After her return to Japan, C56_31 was preserved at the Tokyo War Museum at Yasukuni shrine.

C56_44 went to the Oigawa Railway, and was restored at the Oigawa Railway workshop.
Her restoration was completed and service was started during 1980.
However, her condition was not good, therefore, C56_44's operation was stopped from December 2003, and she was kept at the Senzu station.
Her repair began from September 2006 at the Kanaya works. Her boiler was replaced from the C12_208, and was returned for painting and beautification as the Thailand No.735, as she was during the Thailand Railway years. On the 5th of September 2007, her repair was completed. After test runs, C56_44 was returned to regular service from the 7th of October 2007.

Photo ;
The returned engine C56_31, at the War Museum Tokyo.

There are four or five preserved C56s in Thailand, and one (ex C56_57) at Myanmar (uncertain number). However, Thailand C56s parts were often diverted or exchanged among another engines. So, the preserved engines parts, are not always original.

Biographic Data Chart

Date Location Application
Mar 1936 Mitsubishi-Jyuko Manufacture
Mar 1936 Naebo Deployment
09 Dec 1941 Kokura works Regauged
18 Dec 1941 JGR Deregistered
Dec 1941 Thailand Transferred
29 Jun 1979 Japan Returned
29 Jan 1980 Oigawa Railway Restored

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