C12 66

Moka Railway Company
1933 - 1972 Restored : Mar 1994
C12_66 was manufactured at the Hitachi Seisakujo Co., Kasado works serial No. 517, on the 29th of November 1933.
After its inception, C12_66 was deployed to Kagoshima, Kogota, Miyako, Hirosaki depots ..... and later transferred to the Kamisuwa depot during 1944. Thereafter, C12_66 was active for switching operations in the Kamisuwa area.

During March 1972, C12_66's preservation was decided at Kawamata town Fukushima prefecture, therefore, she was transferred to the Aizu-Wakamatsu depot.
On the 14th of May 1972, JNR Kawamata line was closed. C12_66 pulled the "Good Bye Kawamata-Line" train with a C12_60 in a double-headed configuration. Also C12_66 was retired on this day.
And she was preserved at the site of Iwashiro-Kawamata station, Fumotogawa apartment complex.

During 1991, Moka Railway (A third-sector company in the city of Moka) planned a restored steam train.
During September 1991, an operational engine was selected with the well-preserved engine C12_66, and she was transferred to the JR Omiya works.
C12_66 restoration work was started during April 1992 and was finished during November 1993. And the Moka railway's steam train service was started on the 27th of March 1994 with the C12_66.

Photo ;
C12_66's sister engine C12_67. She was also preserved at Chino city.
Tatsuno yard on the Chuo line, during 1970.

Kamisuwa's steam were dieselized during March 1972.
The surviving last C12s were the three (No. 66, 67 and 171) engines. They were also operated as Special-Ski trains during the winter season on the Iiyama line

Biographic Data Chart

Date Location Application
Nov 1933 Hitachi Seisakujo Manufacture
Nov 1933 (Moji area) Deployment
Dec 1933 Kagoshima Transferred
Dec 1937 Kogota Transferred
Feb 1938 Miyako Transferred
Sep 1939 Kamaishi Transferred
Nov 1939 Hirosaki Transferred
Date Location Application
Oct 1944 Kamisuwa Transferred
Mar 1972 Aizu Wakamatsu Transferred
14 May 1972 JNR, Aizu-Wakamatsu Deregistered
May 1972 Kawamata town Preserved
12 Sep 1991 Moka Transferred
27 Mar 1994 Moka Railway Restored

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