C12 164

Oigawa Railway Company (Out of service after Apr 2005)
1937 - 1973 Restored : Jul 1987
C12_164 was manufactured at the Nippon Sharyo Co., serial No. 464 on the 12th of September 1937, and it's first deployment was to Kamisuwa depot in Nagano prefecture.
After WW2, she worked mainly on the Ube and Asa's west Honshu area. During March 1973, she was moved to the Kiso-Fukushima depot, and later she was retired on the 20th of September 1973.

Afterward, she was transferred to the Oigawa Railway, and was preserved at the Senzu yard. C12_164 occasionally fired up the engine, and saw service as a short-range revived steam train. It was two year, before, the Oigawa railway began steam train full services with the C11-227.
During February 1987, C12_164's ownership was changed to the Japan National Trust, but the engine's maintenance and service was continuously operated by the Oigawa Railway. During May 1987, C12_164 was overhauled, and main line full steam train service began from the 25th of July 1987.

Now C12_164 is out of service after April 2005 due to ATS problem.

Asa depot, during Nov 1972
Photo ;
C12_164s Asa depot mate C12_280.

During Asa and Ube area's switching operation's dieselization, five C12s (No.39, 164, 219, 247 and 280) survived, but all were transferred or scrapped by 1973.
After C12_164 was moved to the Kiso-Fukushima depot, there were four last surviving C12s (No.164, 171, 197 and 230), but they also were retired by 1974.

Biographic Data Chart

Date Location Application
Sep 1937 Nippon Syaryo Co. Manufacture
Sep 1937 (Nagoya area) Deployment
Jan 1944 Kamisuwa Service
1950 Okayama Service
Aug 1955 Ube Service
Mar 1961 Asa Transferred
Date Location Application
Mar 1973 Kiso-Fukushima Transferred
20 Sep 1973 JNR, KisoFukushima Deregistered
Sep 1973 Oigawa Railway Transferred
Sep 1974 Oigawa Railway Preserved
25 Jul 1987 Oigawa Railway Restored

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