C11 325

Moka Railway Company
1946 - 1972 Restored : Nov 1998
C11-325 was manufactured at the Nippon Sharyo Co., Atsuta works, manufactured No. 1407, on the 28th of March 1946.
She was first deployed to the Chigasaki depot, and was active on the Sagami, Nambu lines. During March 1967, she was moved to Yonezawa depot and was active on the Yonesaka and Aterazawa lines. On the 23rd of April 1972, C11-325 pulled the "Good By Steam" train when Aterazawa line steam service was closed.
C11-325 was retired during 1972 and was preserved at the Suibara junior high school in Suibara town (currently Agano city) in Niigata prefecture during May 1973.

During 1996, only one engine operated from the Moka Railway Co., and the company was looking for another reserve engine. Moka Railway threw the handkerchief to the C11-325.
Before restoration, C11-325 was moved to the front of the Moka station from Suibara school, and opened to the public. During November 1997, she was transferred to the JR Omiya works, and started restoration.
During September 1998, C11-325's restoration was completed, and started a test run on the Moka line. C11-325 regular service was started from the 1st of November 1998.

Today, the C11-325 not only runs on the Moka line, but also runs on the JR-East line once in a while.

Photo ;
C11-325s mate engine C11-240.
Kita-Yamagata on the Aterazawa line, during 1970.
During April 1972, Yonezawa's steams were all dieselized.
The last survivor C11s were six (No. 204, 234, 240, 325, 359 and 372) engines.

Biographic Data Chart

Date Location Application
Mar 1946 Nippon Syaryo Manufacture
Mar 1946 Chigasaki Deployment
? 1965 Hamakawasaki Transferred
Mar 1967 Yonezawa Transferred
Date Location Application
1972 JNR, Yonezawa Deregistered
May 1973 Suibara town Preserved
Mar 1996 Moka Railway Transferred
08 Oct 1998 Moka Railway Restored

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