C11 207

Hokkaido Railway Company (Tobu Railway)
1941 - 1974 Restored : 2000
C11_207 was manufactured at the Hitachi Seisakujo Co. Kasado works, serial No. 1488, on the 26th of December 1941, and her first deployment was to Shizunai depot and after that she worked on the Hidaka line for her entire lifetime until retirement.
During December 1973, she was moved to the Oshamanbe depot and was active on the Setana line regular service and switching operations. On the 30th of Jun 1974, she pulled a "Good-Bye Setana line Steam" train, and also she was retired , on the 1st of October 1974 at Oshamanbe.
After retirement, C11_207 was preserved at her home town, at Shizunai's Yamate Park during November 1974.

During 2000, C11_207 was restored as a second restored engine on the JR-Hokkaido. But soon after restoration, breakdowns were often. So, full service started from 2001.

During August of 2016, C11207 was lent from JR-Hokkaido to Tobu Railway Co.

Photo ;
C11_207s mate engine C11_286 during the years of Hidaka line. During 1970 at the Tomakomai depot.

Last C11s in Oshamanbe, they were the three (No. 171, 176 and 207) engines.
The Setana line was closed on the 16th of March 1987.

Biographic Data Chart

Date Location Application
Dec 1941 Hitachi Seisakujo Manufacture
Dec 1941 Shizunai Deployment
1968 Tomakomai Transferred
Dec 1973 Oshamanbe Transferred
Date Location Application
01 Oct 1974 JNR, Oshamanbe Deregistered
Nov 1974 Shizunai town Preserved
03 Mar 2000 JR-Hokkaido, Asahikawa Restored
Aug 2016 Tobu Railway On lend

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