C11 190

Oigawa Railway Company
1940 - 1974 Restored : Jul 2003
C11_190 was manufactured at the Kawasaki Sharyo Co. serial No. 2361, on the 11th of September 1940, and was active mainly in the Tohoku area.
During October 1950, she was moved to Kumamoto depot in Kyushu. Afterward, C11_190 worked mainly in the Kumamoto area as a local train with yard switching responsibilities, but was retired on the 12th of June 1974.
After retirement, C11_190 was preserved by Yatsushiro city from an individuals monetary support. (According to a document which I had in those days, C11_190 was transferred to the Osaka Kyoei Kogyo Co.)

During 2002, C11_190 was donated from this individual to the Oigawa Railway Co.
After restoration at Oigawa, C11_190 was returned to regular steam train service from the 19th of July 2003.

Kumamoto yard, C11_191
Photo ;
Also the surviving C11_190's sister engine C11_191 at the Kumamoto yard, during 1972.

In the Kumamoto area, finally, eight (No. 48, 61, 62, 190, 191, 257, 259 and 260) of C11s survived and they were actively in service on the Misumi line and Kumamoto area's switching operations. But they were dieselized during April 1974.

Biographic Data Chart

Date Location Application
Sep 1940 Kawasaki Syaryo Co. Manufacture
Sep 1940 Sendai Deployment
? 1942 Kamaishi Transferred
Aug 1943 Haiki Transferred
Oct 1950 Kumamoto Transferred
Date Location Application
12 Jun 1974 JNR, Kumamoto Deregistered
1974 Yatsushiro city Preserved
23 Jun 2001 Oigawa Railway Transferred
19 Jul 2003 Oigawa Railway Restored

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