C11 123

Tobu Railway Company
1947 - 1975 Restored : Apr 2022
Tobu Railway C11_123 was manufactured at the Nippon Sharyo Co., Nagoya works, manufactured No. 1473, on the 6th of April 1947, as Kojyaku Railway co “Hiei”. It was soon renamed C11_1, and she was running on the Kojyaku Railway between Hama-Otu and Omi-imazu until 1957.
During November 1957, it was sold to the Yubetu Tanko Railway (Yubetu Coal Mine Railway) in Kushiro Hokkaido. During April 1970, Yubetu Railway was merged into Kushiro Kaihatsu Futo co. C11_1 was retired on the 23rd of September 1975 and was preserved at the Ebetsu city Hokkaido.
During November 2018, it was moved to the Tobu Railway co, Minami-kurihashi work shop, and intensive restoration work was begun. On the 21th of April 2022, C11_1 restoration work was completed and named “Tobu Railway‘s C11_123”.

(note* Kojyaku Railway‘s C11_1 its different a engine for the Ome Railway Park's preserved JGR C11_1. Also Tobu Railway’s C11_123 its different a engine for the JGR C11_123. JGR C11_123 was retired during February 1963 at the Tomakomai depot and already scrapped.)

Biographic Data Chart

Date Location Application
Apr 1947 Nippon Syaryo Manufacture
1947-1957 Kojyaku Railway Service
Nov 1957 Yubetsu Railway Sold
Apr 1970 Kushiro Kaihatsu Futo Transferred
Date Location Application
Sept 1975 Kushiro Kaihatsu Futo Retired
Nov 2018 Tobu Railway Moved
Apr 2022 Tobu Railway Restored
Apr 2022 Tobu Railway C11123 Renamed

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