D51 1
Static Exhibit
1936 - 1972
D51_1 was manufactured at the Kawasaki Rolling Stock Manufacturing Co., it's manufactured No.1643 during 1936.
After its inception, the D51_1 went onto the Tokaido main line, and later moved to the Chuo-East line between Kofu and Nagano after 1950. After electrification of the Chuo-East line, D51_1 was turned over to the Tohoku line northward in Morioka, and Aomori depots. During the electrification of Tohoku line during Oct 1968, it remained in Aomori depot but ran line service on the Ou line. But also when Ou line was electrified during Oct 1971, it was moved to Sanin line Hamada depot for a short period of time, until moved to Umekoji.

During the 100 year anniversary of Japan's Railroad opening in 1972, D51_1 was active mainly on Kansai line's special event trains.
But, later D51_1 was dropped from it's working condition engine status on the 28th of March 1987. Now it is only on exhibition condition at Umekoji.

Consult please Class D51

Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Mar 1936 Kawasaki Rollingstock Manufacture
Apr 1936 Turuga Deployment
Jan 1938 Inazawa Transferred
Sep 1949 Ogaki Transferred
May 1950 Kamisuwa Transferred
Jun 1962 Kanazawa Transferred
Sep 1964 Morioka Transferred
Sep 1968 Aomori Transfered
Date Depot Application
Oct 1971 Hamada Transferred
23 Nov 1971 Umekoji On lend
28 Nov 1971 Hamada Time returned
23 Feb 1972 Umekoji On lend
28 Feb 1972 Hamada Time returned
30 Sep 1972 Umekoji Transferred
30 May 1986 JNR, Umekoji Deregistered
1986 - Umekoji Museum Exhibit

D51_1's special event train
Kabuto, Kansai line during 1972.


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