C62 1

1948 - 1967

C62 2
1948 - 1971
During the initial phases of selecting restored engines, class C62's major candidate was C62-1. But later it was changed to C62-2 when a comparison was made of their actual condition.

C62-1 was remodeled from D52-74 (manufactured No.1921), and C62-2 was from D52-455 (manufactured No.1930) at the Hitachi Co. during 1947.
They were active mainly on the Tokaido and Sanyo main lines.
C62-1 was moved to the Hiroshima depot, and C62-2 was moved to the Otaru-Chikko (Hokkaido) depot, during the Tokaido electrified line in 1957.

Afterward, C62-1 was active on the Sanyo line, and was retired on the 14th of July 1967 at Hiroshima depot. After retirement, C62-1 was moved to the Ogori depot for safekeeping until an applicable preservation place was decided.
C62-2 was continuously active on Hokkaido's mainline and was pulling expresses until 1971. She was later moved to Umekoji in 1972.

Left out of Umekoji's selection, C62-1 was preserved and later exhibited at the Hiroshima Railway School after April 1976. But luckily, C62-1 was moved to Umekoji museum from Hiroshima in celebration of the Kyoto city 1200th anniversary during August 1994.
Since that time, both C62s can be seen at the Umekoji Museum.

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Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Jan 1948 Hitachi Co. Remodel
Jan 1948 Hiroshima Deployment
Aug 1950 Miyahara Transferred
Jul 1957 Hiroshima Transferred
Oct 1958 Hiroshima works Replaced boiler
14 Jul 1967 JNR, Hiroshima Deregistered
Aug 1967 Ogori Safekeeping
Apr 1976 Hiroshima Railroad School Exhibited
14 Feb 1994 Umekoji Museum Moved
28 Aug 1994 Umekoji Museum Opened

Date Depot Application
May 1948 Hitachi Co. Remodeling
Jun 1948 Itozaki Deployment
Aug 1950 Miyahara Transferred
Jan 1957 Takatori works Replaced boiler
Feb 1957 Otaru Chittko Transferred
13 Sep 1972 Umekoji Transferred
28 Mar 1979 JNR, Umekoji Deregistered
1979 - 1987 Umekoji Museum Preserved
01 Apr 1987 Umekoji Museum Reregistered

An express "Niseko" C62-2 + C62-3
Mena-Kamimena, Hakodate line, Mar 1970

Night scene of C62-2
Otaru-Chikko depot 1970.


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