C61 2
Working Condition
1948 - 1972
C61_2 was remodeled from D51_1109 at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co. it's manufactured number was 641 during 1948, and it was active on the Tohoku line, between Sendai and Aomori, and Ou line.

During Ou's electrification in the year of 1971, C61_2 was uprooted from Tohoku's homeland and moved to faraway Kyushu's Kagoshima depot. And it test ran between Miyazaki and Kagoshima on the Nippo line. But there was a problem running on mountain sections. So, C61_2 soon moved again to Miyazaki depot, and was active between Miyazaki and Nobeoka until again moving to Umekoji.

During May 1974, C61_2 participated in the "100 year Anniversary of the opening of the Kyoto-Kobe Railway" sepecial steam train between Osaka and Kobe

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Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Jul 1948 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co. Remodel
Jul 1948 Sendai Deployment
Oct 1966 Aomori Transferred
May 1971 Kagoshima
Jul 1971 Miyazaki
11 Sep 1972 Umekoji Transferred
28 Mar 1979 JNR, Umekoji Deregistered
1979 - 1987 Umekoji Museum Preserved
01 Apr 1987 Umekoji Museum Reregistered

Takanabe, Nippo line. 1971


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