C59 164
Static Exhibit
1946 - 1970

During 1966, six C59s (No. 90, 117, 175, 176, 190 and 196) were retired.
After that only three C59s survived, they were (No. 161, 162 and 164) on the Kure line, Itozaki depot. Those three C59s were activated until electrification of the Kure line during 1970. The passenger express train service called "Aki" made its final run by C59_161 for its last day on 30 September 1970. This was the last day of service for C59s.

Umekoji's C59 reactivated engine was chosen from these three C59s.
The first restoration candidate was C59_161. It was chosen for the reason, that it was the earliest of the these three C59s, and pulled the last C59's train. In place of C59_161, C59_164 was chosen to be reactivated. The reason for dropping C59_161 was that it was in no condition to be reactivated.

C59_164 was manufactured at the Hitachi Co. it's manufactured number was 1999 during 1946, and it was active mainly on the Sanyo line Itozaki depot. After retirement of the Kure line, C59_164 was moved to Nara depot for safekeeping until Umekoji's opening day. C59_164 went straight to Umekoji and it was not later retored, it was in exhibition status at Umekoji. Finally, C59_164 was later removed from it's working condition status on the 28th of March 1979 on paper.

Incidentally, C59_161 was retired on November 2nd 1970, and was later preserved in Hiroshima city after March 1971.
And C59_162 was also retired on November 2nd 1970, but was scrapped and only the driving wheel was exhibited at the Fuchu town in Hiroshima.
The mid number C59_163 was retired early on 14 November 1964 at the Shimonoseki depot, and was scrapped.

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Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Aug 1946 Hitachi Co. Manufacture
Aug 1946 Umekoji Deployment
Aug 1950 Itozaki Transferred
Sep 1970 Itozaki Retired
12 Aug 1971 Nara
02 Oct 1972 Umekoji Transferred
28 Mar 1979 JNR, Umekoji Deregistered
Oct 1972 - Umekoji Museum Exhibit

Left C59_161, and right C59_164
Hiroshima, 1968.


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