C58 1
1938 - 1972
C58-1 was manufactured at the Kisya Seizo Co. it's manufactured number was 1578 during 1938, and was active mainly in the Kanto area.
Later, it was moved to Hokkaido's Kitami depot during 1950. Since then C58-1 has been active on the Sekihoku and Senmo lines, until moved to Umekoji during 1972. C58-1 also spent a long period of time in cold Hokkaido, much like C55-1. So, C58-1 was also fitted with Cold area equipment, such as rotary windows etc.....

When restored steam trains began to be used on the Yamaguchi line by C57-1 during 1979, C58-1 also stayed on with Yamaguchi line for backup service during 1979 to 1980. But C58-1 saw almost no service.
During June of 1980, C58-1 also served as a Special Steam Train for the "Commemoration of the 120 years since the opening of Yokohama port " in the Yokohama area.
Because of its deteriating condition, she was retired during March of 1987.

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Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Aug 1938 Kisya Seizo Co. Manufacture
Aug 1938 Shinturumi
Jan 1944 Shinagawa Service
Aug 1945 Chiba Service
May 1950 Kitami
11 Sep 1972 Umekoji Transferred
30 May 1986 JNR, Umekoji Deregistered
1986 - Umekoji Museum Exhibit

Kitami depot, Mar 1970

Kitami depot


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