C57 1
Working Condition
1937 - 1972
C57_1, because of its popularity, has become what one may call ..... a poster girl in Umejkoji.

The first of the C57's, C57_1 was manufactured at the Kawasaki Rolling Stock Manufacturing Co., it's manufactured number was 1769 during 1938, and was active mainly on the Kanto (Tokyo area lines). In October 1954, C57_1 was moved to Niitsu depot and was active on the Uetsu, West-Banetsu and Shinetsu lines.
During February 1961, C57_1 received damage from a derailment accident by a landslide near Murakami, Uetsu line. After a review, many thought the engine should be scrapped..... but in the end, it was reconditioned.

Before moving to Umekoji, C57_1 was transfered to Sakura depot in Chiba for a few months, and pulled a special steam train during the 100th anniversary of railroads.
She was moved to Umekoji during 1972, but because there was more activity on the Yamaguchi line after 1979, she became active as the main steam train on the Yamaguchi line.
C57_1 is the most active engine of all the Umekoji steam engines.

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Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Mar 1937 Kawasaki Rollingstock Manufacture
Apr 1937 Mito Deployment
Nov 1939 Utunomiya Transferred
Oct 1949 Chiba Transferred
Oct 1954 Nitsu Transferred
23 Sep 1972 Sakura On lend
30 Sep 1972 Umekoji Transferred
1972 - Ogori, etc On lend

C57_1 during an inspection at Umekoji

Tuwano depot
Oct 1987

Namegawa, Narita line during 1972.

C57_1 pulled a Royal-Train
May 1972 Niitu depot
(Photo in T.S. position)


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