C56 160
Working Condition
1939 - 1972
C56_160 was manufactured at the Kawasaki Rolling Stock Manufacturing Co., it' manufactured number was 2099 during 1939. C56_160 was chosen for the reason, that it had the last number in class C56.

After its inception, C56_160 was active mainly on the Hokkaido and Chugoku (western part of Japan lines). Eventually, C56_160 was affiliated with the Kami-Suwa depot from Jun 1965, and was active on the Oito, Koumi lines and engaged in shunting operations.
I visited Kami-Suwa depot a few times, but she was not always at her own depot in Kami-Suwa. The reason for it was, other guest laborers worked on it at other depots.

After moving to Umekoji, C56_160 had on numerous occaisions pulled as a revived steam engine on various lines and was second only to C57_1. Some of the lines were Maibara-Kinomoto on the Hokuriku line and double headed service on the Yamaguchi line with C57_1, as well as, Shikoku's Dosan, Yosan and Yodo lines ... etc.
But, C56_160's main line service was closed on the 27th of May 2018.

Consult please Class C56

Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Apr 1939 Kawasaki Rollingstock Manufacture
May 1939 Sizunai Deployment
Feb 1940 Muroran Transferred
Apr 1940 Shjizunai Transferred
Jan 1942 Naebo Transferred
Sep 1942 Bingo Tokamachi Transferred
Oct 1943 Hakusan Transferred
Jun 1945 Bingo Tokamachi Transferred
May 1947 Tuyama Transferred
Oct 1948 Okayama Transferred
Date Depot Application
Sep 1949 Ogori Transferred
Jun 1950 Ube Transferred
Mar 1953 Kagoshima Transferred
Jul 1954 Izumi Transferred
Oct 1954 Yokohama Transferred
Jun 1965 Kamisuwa Transferred
Apr 1972 Nagano Transferred
May 1972 Nanao Transferred
01 Sep 1972 Umekoji Transferred
1972 - Ogori, etc On lend

C56_160 (right) with C62_2

Jun 2016
(Photo by N.Miyagawa)

(Photo by N.Miyagawa)

C56_160 Shiodome Tokyo
In ceremony of JNR's ending day at 31 May 1987.


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