C55 1
Static Exhibit
1935 - 1971
C55_1 was manufactured at the Kawasaki Rolling Stock Manufacturing Co., it's manufactured number was 1538 during 1934, and it was active in Hokkaido after WW2

C55_1 spent a long period of time in cold Hokkaido in northern Japan. As a result, C55_1 was remodeled and formatted for a colder environment ..... For example, the cab was replaced with a Sealed-type in contrast to the Open-cab type. It also had Icicle-protection ... for example when a train went into a tunnel, it had icicle protection. This protection consisted of a net, and was set on the smoke-deflector in front of the steam-dome ..... it can still be seen at Umekoji on the C55_1's body.

Finally, C55_1 was moved to Asahikawa depot during 1969, and was active on the Soya line. C55_1 pulled an express train called " Rishiri " (named after a beautiful Hokkaido mountain) until the summer of 1971.
After it was moved to Umekoji, C55_1 was dropped as a working condition engine on the 28th of March 1979. It is now only exihibited at Umekoji.

Consult please Class C55

Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Mar 1935 Kawasaki Rollingstock Manufacture
Apr 1935 Otaru Chittko Deployment
Mar 1940 Naebo
Apr 1940 Otaru Chittko Transferred
Sep 1940 Shimo Furano
Sep 1943 Otaru Chittko Transferred
Date Depot Application
? 1948 Asahikawa Transferred
Sep 1958 Muroran Transferred
Sep 1968 Asahikawa Transferred
12 Nov 1971 Umekoji Transferred
28 Mar 1979 JNR, Umekoji Deregistered
1979 - Umekoji Museum Exhibit


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