C53 45
Static Exhibit
1928 - 1950
C53_45 was manufactured at the Kisya Seizo Co. and it's manufactured number was 1040 during 1928, and was posted to Umekoji depot.
Since then, she was active on the Tokaido and Sanyo main lines. C53_45 for the most part, belonged to Umekoji depot for it's entire lifetime.

She was deregistered during 6 November 1948, and escaped scrapping. She was exhibited at the JNR Suita Railway School for educational purposes, and was later moved to Takatori (Kobe) works during 1957. It remained in a dilapidated condition for a long time.

Afterward, in 1961, C53_45 was exhibited at the newly opened Osaka Modern Transportation Museum. Thereafter, C53_45 was repaired and restored to it's original shape at the Takatori works. The restored C53_45 was a self-pulling actual train between Takatori and Suita yard, during the 20th of September 1961. Then, it was exhibited in the museum until the Umekoji opening.

During 24th - 30th September 1972, C53_45 was moved to Umekoji Museum from the Osaka Modern Transportation Museum. Consult please Class C53

Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Nov 1928 Kisya Seizo Co. Manufacture
Nov 1928 Umekoji Deployment
Sep 1942 Himeji
Jan 1944 Miyahara
Dec 1946 Umekoji Service
29 Jun 1950 Umekoji Deregistered
Date Depot Application
Jul 1950 Suita Railroad School Exhibited
Nov 1957 Takatori works Moved
Sep 1961 Takatori works Restored
Oct 1961 Osaka Modern
Transportation Museum
Moved and
30 Sep 1972 Umekoji Museum Moved


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