C51 239
Static Exhibit
1927 - 1962

C51_239 was referred to as the "Miraculous revival engine" among Umekoji museums preserved engines.

C51_239 was manufactured at the Kisya Seizo Co. and it's manufactured number was 936 during 1927.
At the time of it's production, she was named class 18900 No. 38938, and was later changed to C51_239.

After it's conception, it was active on the Tokaido main lines express train services. After WW2, C51_239 was moved to the Niigata area, and was active on the Uetsu, Shinetsu and Hokuriku sub-main lines. During it's active days, C51_239 was designated the " Royal Engine ", and pulled the Imperial Train for 104 times.

Thereafter, C51239 was deregistered during the 26th of October 1962, it was designated the first "Historical Railroad Sub-Monument ", and was preserved with an opened side view for display at Niigata railway school, during October 1963. However, next year during Jun 1964, C51_239 was damaged from the Niigata great earthquake. And also the school was moved during 1966.
However the engine was left on the site, and went into ruin during the following years ....
During 1971, C51_239 was in an almost junk scrap condition. In 1972, when C51 was nominated to be a restored model, almost nobody remembered Loyal Engine C51_239.
But a miraculous comeback was achieved at the JNR Nagano works. C51_239 was completely restored to it's original state, and was exhibited at Umekoji.

Consult please .... Class C51 and Superexpress Tsubame

Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Mar 1927 Kisya Seizo Co. Manufacture
Mar 1927 Shinagawa Deployment
Oct 1928 C51_239 Renamed
Jan 1931 Shinagawa Service
Jan 1933 Shintsurumi Service
Nov 1934 Shinagawa Service
Jan 1936 Hachioji Service
Dec 1941 Shintsurumi Service
Dec 1945 Shinkoiwa Service
Date Depot Application
Oct 1947 Shintsurumi Service
1949 ? Oku Service
Apr 1955 Naoetu Transferred
Oct 1958 Nitu Transferred
Jul 1959 Nigata
26 Oct 1962 Nigata Deregistered
23 Sep 1963 Nigata Railroad School Exhibited
27 Sep 1972 Umekoji Museum Moved

Niitsu station during Sep 1958 in her twilight years.
(Photo credit to S.Sumino)


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