B20 10
Working Condition
1946 - 1972
B20_10 was manufactured at the Tateyama Heavy Industries Co. during 1946.
In 1949, B20_10 went into the Kagoshima depot's inside shunting operation. B20_10 was active at Kagoshima depot until moving to Umekoji.
B20_1 retired during October 1967 at Otaru-Chikko depot, B20_10 was the sole surviver of class B20 for a long time.
During those days, B20_10's class-number name plate was on a poor handwritten painted board. But after that, it was moved to Umekoji and a new metal plate was added.

B20_10's registration was briefly crossed off during March 1979. But in 2002, it was restored to the present time.

Consult please Class B20

Biographic Data Chart

Date Depot Application
Dec 1946 Tateyama Co. Manufacture
May 1947 Himeji
Jun 1949 Kagoshima Transferred
05 Sep 1972 Umekoji Transferred
28 Mar 1979 JNR, Umekoji Deregistered
1979 - 2002 Umekoji Museum Exhibited
12 Oct 2002 Umekoji Museum Restored


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