Yoshitune (Class 7100, No.7105)
Working Condition
1880 - 1923 (JGR)
Class 7100, No. 7105 nickname "Yoshitune" was manufactured at the H.K.Porter, it's manufactured number was 368 during 1880.

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Class 7100 No.7101 Benkei

(Photo by N.Miyagawa)

After JGR (1923 - )

No.7105, Yoshitune was deregistered on the 27th April 1923 from JGR, and it was sold to the Umebachi-Tettkosyo.
Afterwards, 7105 was reconstructed to a 4-6-0 tank engine, but the time of reconstruction is unknown. (1938? - 1941?)
Umebachi-Tettkosyo was renamed to the Teikoku-Sharyo-Kogyo Co. Ltd. during 1941.
During October 1952, 7105 was donated to the JGR from Teikoku-Sharyo, and restored to an original tender engine at the Takatori works.
Afterward, Yoshitune was safe kept at the Takatori works, and was loaned out for some festivals.
During the 14th of October 1963, it was designated a semi-Railway Monument.
During 1990, it was moved to the Modern Transportation Museum in Osaka.
During October 2007, it was designated a Railway Monument.
During March 2014, Yoshitune was moved to the Kyoto Railway Museum.

The Yoshitsune ran between the South gate and North-gate of the Takatori works.
This ceremony was held at the Takatori work shop during its 60th anniversary during October 29-30 1960. Yoshitsune gave a service with two passenger cars and pushing a diesel loco.

No.1 Yoshitune Biographic Data Chart

Date Location Application
Apr 1880 H.K. Porter Inc Sil No.368 Manufacture
Apr - Jun 1880 New York to Otaru via Yokohama Shipping
Nov 1880 Poronai Rail way No.1 Deployment
Dec 1889 Hokkaido Tanko Tetsudo No.1 Transferred
1900 ? Hokkaido Tanko Tetsudo No.5 Renumbered
(component replacement ?)
Oct 1906 Government Railway No.5 Nationalized
Oct 1909 JGR Class 7100 No.7105 Renamed
Apr 1913 Asahikawa
27 Apr 1923 Hokkaido Construction Bureau (JGR)
07 Jun 1923 Umebachi-Tekko No.7105
1941 ? Umebachi-Tekko Remodeled Tank engine
17 Oct 1952 Teikoku-syaryo to JNR Donated
Oct 1952 Takatori works Restored No.1
1952-1990 Takatori works Safekeeping
1990 Modern Transportation Museum Moved
Mar 2014 Kyoto Railway Museum Moved


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