Railway Museums in Hokkaido

Otaru Museum

Overall introduction of Hokkaido railroads.
(Otaru-shi Sogo Hakubutukan in Temiya)

Oldest roundhouse and oldest steam engine "Shizuka" in Hokkaido.

Class C12 No.6
and Class C55 No.50 in the rear.

The oldest brick roundhouse in Hokkaido and Japan was built in 1885 and it has remained here until this day. The museum was fully made over and opened on 14 July 2007.

Sizes : L-N
Location : Otaru city.
Exhibit engines : 2 oldest Steam in Hokkaido class 7100 Shizuka and Taishoo (Great Victory)
Active steam engine Iron Horse etc
Official website : Otaru Museum
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Kamiyubetu Town Railroad Museum (Kamiyubetu-Tyo Tetudo Shiryokan)

A nearby station, called Yubetsu, during active service time.
Yubetsu and Naka-Yubetsu station was closed on the 1st of May 1989, with the Nayoro line closing.
Sizes : H
Location : Kami-Yubetu town Monbetu county
Primary exhibits : Preserved Nakayubetu station site, Snowplough car.
Website : none
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Kofuku (Happy) Station Site (Kofuku Kotu Koen)
During 1973, a TV documentary ignited the Kofuku (Happy) ticket boom in Japan. This station was featured in the original documentary, it was closed in Feb.1987. Interestingly, the following station indicated, Aikoku .... Love of Country.
You can see many pieces of paper on the station wall. These peaces of paper represent wishes and hopes requested by the tourists, the station "Kofuku" means "Happy" in English.

Sizes : H
Location : Kofuku town, Obihiro city
Primary exhibits : Preserved station hut, platform, three diesel cars.
Official Website : Obihiro city (Japanese)
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Kamui-Kotan Station Site (Kamui-Kotan eki ato)

Covered steam engines, for protection from snow.
The station was closed in 1969 Jun.

Kamui-Kotan station platform site.

Sizes : H
Location : Kamui-Kotan, Asahikawa city
Primary exhibits : Preserved station site, steam engine 29638, C57201, D516.
Official Website : Asahikawa city (Japanese)
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Fukushima Town, Seikan Tunnel Memorial Museum (Fukushima-tyo Seikan Tonneru Kinenkan)
The beginning of Seikan tunnel from Hokkaido's end. The tunnel was opened in March,1988. This photo was taken in July 1987, eight months before it opened.

Seikan tunnel 53.85Km is the longest railroad tunnel in the world. It was opened on the 13th of March 1988, between Aomori on the Honshu main land and Hakodate on Hokkaido. There are two stations in the tunnel, one station is the "Tappi Kaitei (Tappi undersea)" station on the Aomori end, and the "Yoshioka Kaitei (Yoshioka undersea) " station on the Hokkaido end. But regular passengers can not get on and off at these stations. These are safety stations. However, there is a "Undersea Station Tour". The tour train stops at the Tappi station, and tour people are able to take a tour into the station. Or the "Seikan Tunnel Museum (Aomori end)"'s visitors can go down to the undersea station from the museum on the ground with a special type of cable car.
Sizes : S
Location : Fukushima town
Primary exhibits : The museum shows some of the history, models and tunnel excavation technology.
Official Website : Fukushima town
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level :

Hokkaido Railway Technology Museum (Hokkaido Tetudo Gijyutukan in JR-Naebo)

Naebo Railway-Works with Steam C57, Mar 1976.

C55 waiting to be scrapped.
JR Naebo workshop was the biggest and oldest rolling stock workshop in Hokkaido and was opened during December 1909. Naebo workshop did almost all of JR Hokkaido's repair and maintenance.
Sizes : S
Location : Higashi-ku, Sapporo city
Primary exhibits : An original factory building built in 1910 which exhibits the history of the Naebo workshops.
Official Website : JR Hokkaido Cultural Foundation (Japanese)
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Other Hokkaido's Railway Museums

Sizes Museum Name Official name in Japanese Location Primary exhibits Official site
M Mikasa Railway Village Mikasa Tetudo Mura Horonai Mikasa city Hokkaido Preserved C122 59609
S304 restored steam.
Mikasa Museum
H Oiwake Railroad Memorial House Oiwake Tetudo Kinenkan Oiwake, Abira town, Yufutu county, Hokkaido Preserved steam D51320 etc. Abira town
S Sapporo City Transportation Museum
(Closed until 2022)
Sapporo-shi Kotu Shiryokan Jietai Mae, Sapporo City Sapporo city historical street car, subway, Bus .... Sapporo Transportation Service Promotion Corporation
S Bettkai Town Railway Park Bettkaicho Tetudo Kinen Koen Nishi-Syunbetu station site, Bettkai town Hokkaido Class D51-27, Diesel car etc
S Manji Line Railway Park Manji-sen Tetudo Koen Iwamizawa city, Hokkaido Introduces past Manji line Sorachi district
S Tram Kingdom Bifuka Torroko Okoku Bifuka Bifuka town, Niupu Tram driving Bifuka Town
S The Milky Way Hometown Rikubetu Line Furusato Ginga-sen Rikubetu Tetudo Rikubetu town, Asyoro county, Hokkaido Experience driving a real diesel car. Rikubetu Railway
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