Steam locomotive

Class D61

1959 - 1973 (1975)

A middle to large Tender-Engine for sub-main line freight trains.

D61 No.6
At Fukagawa depot, Mar 1971.

The D61 was designed from the most popular freight engine D51 and was diverted to sub-main and light grade lines, for the same reasons as D50 to D60.
Six D51's were altered with a relieved axle load (4-8-2 to 4-8-4) at the JNR Hamamatsu and Koriyama works during 1959-1960. Therefore, it was the last steam model in Japan. However, due to dieselization, D61's remodeling plan was suspended after six engines.

The first D61 was remodeled from D51_640 at the JNR Hamamatsu workshop during 1959.
After coming on the scene, she test ran on the Futamata line. The other five engines were remodeled at the Koriyama workshop.
After its inception, D61 went into operation at Rumoi depot in Hokkaido. It continued operation on the Rumoi and Haboro line's as a freight train until early 1973. (irregular service continued until June 1975 by D61_4).

D61_3 was preserved in Rumoi city, but the others were scrapped.

Primary ran line in last 10 years Rumoi, Haboro line
Last line/depot and year Rumoi, Haboro line / Rumoi depot 1973 (spared until 1975)
Restored engine (2017) none
Preserved engine (2017) 1 (No.3)

Left, D61 3 at Rumoi depot. Mar 1971.

D61 4, Fukagawa, Rumoi line.
(Photo credit to Nicholas Pertwee)

D61 1 at Fukagawa depot.
During Nov 1969.

D61 4, Rumoi dept. Mar 1971

Configuration 2-8-4 Dimensions Length (mm) 19780
Engine Weight (Operating tons) 80.2 Driver size (mm diameter) 1400
Boiler pressure (Kg/cm2) 15.0 Max Tractive effort (tons) 13.7
Driver Max Power (PS) 1280 Max Speed (km/h) 85
Manufactured years 1959-1960 Total production 6
Gauge 3ft 6in (1067mm)


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