Steam locomotive

Class B10

1929 - 1951

A middle-sized Tank-Engine for blanch line and shunting work.

B10 No.4
At Goi depot on the Kominato Railway. May 1971.

A total of seventy-two class 5500 4-4-0 tender engines were imported from the Beyer Peacock and Co. from the U.K. during 1893.
Of these, a total of ten engines were reconstructed to 4-4-2 tank engines during 1929-1930, from the Ministry of Railways Omiya and Hamamatsu works, and were named B10.

After its remodeling, B10 were restricted to yard work.
Afterward, B10_4, 6, 9 and 10 were sold to private Railway companies. The other remaining B10s with JNR were used until 1951, mostly in the Kanto area.
Thereafter, B10_1, 2, 3 and 8 were retired by 31 January 1950, and the last B10, B10_5 was retired in 1951. They were scrapped by 1951.

Of these sold to private railway's, the B10_4 (ex-5507) was moved to the Army Railway in 1936, and was later moved to Kominato Railway Co. after WW2 in 1949. The B10_4 was retired during 1951, but the company kept that engine in it's own Goi depot, and later it was preserved at the Goi depot.

Primary ran line in last 10 years Hachioji, Chiba, Oi, and Higashi-Yokohama.
Last line/depot and year Oi works 1951
Restored engine (2017) none
Preserved engine (2017) 1 (No.4)

B10_4, at Goi depot.
May 1971.

B10 was reconstructed
from this class 5500 Tender engine.
No.5540 in Ome Railway Park. Nov 1971.


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